About Us

mox·ie /ˈmäksē/ 

noun informal

force of character, determination, or nerve

MOXIE is an e-Boutique that is proud to provide you with the most stylish finds in fashion. Our mission is to bridge the looks that may seem "out of reach" and bring them right to your fingertips. It is important that the definition of MOXIE rings true throughout every piece and collection we curate. That way, we keep you ahead of the pack and excited. You won't want to miss what's to come! Stay and grow with us!

MOXIE is currently sprouting out of the coast of North Carolina. The store has been developing over the last several months and we are excited to be launching in this day and age. This online store came about through the owner, Breona LeGardy, who is a lover of all things fashion, art, music, and film. With a shoestring budget, hardwork, and endless support from loved ones she has planted a dream come true. Breona and MOXIE are dedicated and inspired to evolve MOXIE to greater heights.


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