ShopMoxie Brings Guidebooks by Locals to Austin, Texas

We’re helping local business get discovered for the things customers love

ShopMoxie Brings Guidebooks By Locals to Austin

Austin has so many wonderful things going for it…from BBQ to live music, to amazing people, breakfast tacos and more.

I love Austin. I grew up in this town, remember it fondly and still visit from time to time. My mom was a professor at UT. As kids, my brother and I would run around campus and often attend class with the “big kids” going to school there. It’s a great city and amazing place to visit and explore.

ShopMoxie Showcases Fino of Austin, Texas

Uncovered by our friend, local blogger and foodie extraordinaire, Cathy, Fino is a wonderful local hot spot for everything from Tapas to Paella. Try it!

We are thrilled to announce that we are open for business in Austin, Texas. Yippee! Hooray! Ta-da!

That means local businesses like 24 Diner and Franklin Barbeque all the way down to the Patty Wagon in San Marcos, now have a better way to get discovered.

ShopMoxie Showcases Well Yeah Cakes of Austin, Texas

Check out this top pick from two of our members – who doesn’t love cakes?!

When locals add a business to their guidebook they recognize that business for something unique. That business, then, attracts more customers looking for that offering. It’s free and a fun way to showcase the things local customers love best. There is already many, many local picks to see and discover. Enjoy!

We help the local customer discover great things too

We are bringing Guidebooks by Locals to Austin to help the local customer too. Knowledgeable and friendly locals can show off their favorite spots, tasty bites and fun attractions, making it easy to share recommendations with friends.

ShopMoxie Showcases Franklin BBQ of Austin, Texas

They say Franklin BBQ is one of the best in Austin. Sign in and tell us what they do best – brisket, chicken or ribs…coleslaw or beans…we can’t wait!

Take a look at this amazing guidebook: Cathy’s Guidebook of Austin. Cathy is the founder of Forks Up, a local blog about food and recipes we fell in love with not long ago. She regularly adds to her guidebook, giving viewers links to other reviews and content about her recommendations. Readers interested in San Marcos can check out Luke’s San Marcos guidebook for the inside scoop on that happening town. Guidebooks are the easiest way to remember and share what you know about your town.

So…if your are visiting Austin, in town for a few days or, are a local looking for something new, try Guidebooks by Locals! Other cities in Texas are already getting into the act. Check out this Local Dallas Guidebook and this Local Houstonian Guidebook too. When we locals share our recommendations, everyone benefits!

Create your own guidebook today. Every guidebook entry helps a local business get discovered for that thing you love.

Thank you!

About Tom

Co-Founder, ShopMoxie. He is a lover of "the unique" at local businesses and is constantly on the hunt for the best things at great places locally. Tom loves pancakes, pizza, sushi, climbing, biking, running, pets and all things outdoors.

ShopMoxie’s Newest Service Suggests Local Businesses Worth Supporting

We suggest local businesses so everyone else can focus on yummy, fun and exciting picks.


ShopMoxie new service suggests local businesses worth supporting and delivers its suggestions right to your inbox.

What to do and where to go in each town is a constant quest. We know that. What’s hot one minute, might not be hot the next. And how many “five star”, “38,962 Ratings” can you absorb, right?

ShopMoxie Suggsts local businesses worth supporting so you can tell everyone what's best at the local business

Letting us suggest the local businesses lets you focus on what makes you go “Yummm”?

Still, the best things endure. Memories of a great sauce, perfect cocktail, excellent vibe…these are the things that stick. When friends ask for our recommendations, these are the things we share. We say “go to [here] for the best [thing] ever.” Our goal is to make finding these great things easier.

ShopMoxie Suggests Local Businesses to help users share the inside scoop at local hot spots.

Popover anyone? Every business has something they do better than anyone else!

We did the math for you. We came up with cool algorithms that actually suggest local businesses worth supporting. That way, you can spend your time building your guidebook with the stuff that’s fun, exciting, and yummy.

The algorithms suggest local businesses based on a dynamic, personalized balancing of a broad array of social signals out on the Internet. That’s a mouthful, haha. The good news is that we tailor our suggestions to each user and rank suggestions in emails we send out to our members. Annnd…Every suggestion now leads to a business profile where users can get more information (didn’t do that before).

ShopMoxie Suggsts Local Businesses to help users share the inside scoop at local hot spots.

Let us help you (re) discover and share what’s best in your town.

That means that when we suggest local businesses, each local businesses gets automatically listed on our site. We like this because our suggestions are now permanent and people can learn more about the local business we suggest before making a pick. It also makes signing up as a local business easier too. We’re excited!

Thanks, as always, for using ShopMoxie and supporting the great local businesses out there!

Enjoy our suggestions. We created them just for you. Cheers!

About Tom

Co-Founder, ShopMoxie. He is a lover of "the unique" at local businesses and is constantly on the hunt for the best things at great places locally. Tom loves pancakes, pizza, sushi, climbing, biking, running, pets and all things outdoors.

ShopMoxie Brings Guidebooks by Locals to Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love just got that much easier to explore and enjoy.

Phillidelphia gets more top picks

We’re bringing guidebooks by locals to the city of brotherly love, letting local guide locals with top picks at the best shops, stores and restaurants.

Philadelphia is a great city. The local shops, stores and restaurants here serve up some great products, terrific food and one-of-a-kind experiences. On ShopMoxie, Philly locals are naming local places as top pick for a wide variety of selections, bringing out the best their city has to offer. We’re excited and decided to add the city of brotherly love to our site. Hooray!

It’s a Guidebook by Locals.

ShopMoxie Adds Philadelphia | Top Pick | Mettlers American Mercantile

This local merchant goes out of its way to bring stylish, high-quality, American made, products that run the gamut from furnishings to accessories for the man or woman.

Sharing where to go, what to order and when to buy is fun. Take, for example, Mettlers American Mercantile. Without a local to guide us, we might have missed this incredible store and its handpicked selection of timeless classics, reinvented styles, and handcrafted details. Shared via a local guidebook, we’re sure not to miss Mettlers and its appreciation for the heart, soul and stories that are part of all things well made in America. This top pick was brought to us by Sarah, a local blogger and the creator of USA Love List. She selected Mettlers as top boutique in Philadelphia. You can see more of Sarah’s top picks on her guidebook.

Philadelphia gets guidebooks by locals

Does this look yummy? Philly is filled with unique gems just like this. And locals know just where to find them.

Or how about Zahav, a modern Israeli restaurant from James Beard Award winning chef Michael Solomonov. We might have missed this little wonder discovered by our friend and blogger, Dawn. Dawn is a writer and the creator of, a local blog offering a mix of local insights, commentary and perspectives across the board. You can see more of Dawn’s top picks on her guidebook. You won’t be disappointed by Dawn’s recommendations. She’s been covering local businesses for years as a food writer and critic.

What are Guidebooks?

Guidebooks by Locals is ShopMoxie’s newest feature. A guidebook is a sharable profile that included local recommendations for specific offerings at local shops, stores and restaurants.

It’s locals that know what shops sell what. They know what stores offer the best selection, the best service, have the most personality and style. They know what restaurants and food trucks are tucked away in small streets and neighborhoods or what dish stands out where. As travelers, we love asking locals. As site builders, we love empowering them. If you’re looking for the right experience, trust us, locals know. That’s why we created guidebooks.

Where can I learn more?

If you haven’t seen the guests posts about Philadelphia on our Get Local @ ShopMoxie blog, take a look!

Keep sharing. Enjoy exploring.

The ShopMoxie Team

About Dawn Elyse Warden-Reeder

Former lifestyles magazine senior + food editor turned PR, Social Media + Copywriting pro. Exec. Partner: the warden ettinger group (TWE group), The Whole Enchilada PR + the word exchange. Blogger: Women on Business. Social Media voice: Les Dames d'Escoffier Int'l. Member Philadelphia Social Media Moms and A Band of Women. Volunteer, Mighty Writers. Creative writing mentee on the SLOW train. Mom of 5. Avid cook; anti-hunger. (Fiction) reading and sleep deprived. Runs on <6 hours of sleep. Never a dull moment. Glass half full. Born to cook—and apparently to breed.

Happy New Year from ShopMoxie!

Our New Year Greetings and Resolutions for 2014.

Happy New Year from ShopMoxie - Matchbooks reveal the diverstiy of local business.

Matchbooks reveal the diversity of local businesses out there! Check out this article if you want to see some cool vintage SF matchbook covers.

Happy new year from all of us at ShopMoxie! We’re excited about 2014 and wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

The match has been lit and we’re off to a great start. Tom and I really like the new site and how it came together in the last three months. Our traffic continues to rise. Overall engagement is on the upswing. Google continues to index more and more pages. New users – both individual and business users – keep signing up too. Yay!

We learned some valuable lessons in 2013. We spent the first week of the new year planning 2014. In this post, we’re sharing a few of the lessons we’re taking into the new year.

Here are our resolutions going into 2014:

Happy New Year from ShopMoxie - Our Resoltuions

There are so many great things to discover out there!

Resolution #1 – Keep exploring. In our journey, we learned that asking users to create guidebooks is way better than asking users to make top picks, and making top picks is way better asking users to propose deals. We’re watching all the deal companies and will be looking to work with one or more of them in 2014. We also learned that our suggestion engine helps users, encourages recommendations and supports local businesses. We’ll keep adapting, improving the ways we support our users and the local businesses we love.

Happy New Year from ShopMoxie - Our Resoltuions

Matt Cutt @ Google is like Alan Greenspan (Back when people listened to the Fed)

Resolution #2 – Be open. We had to learn how to create a site that could be indexed and discovered by search engines. These days, we’re speeding up the site to make it more accessible. And, we’re opening and optimizing our pages to give everyone more ways to find the content on our site. This takes time. But, we really like our progress on this front. Local businesses are actually getting discovered through the top picks on our site. We could not be more pleased! We plan to make more improvements in this area for sure.

Happy New Year from ShopMoxie - Our Resoltuions

There’s more to local than the review site. Even this uber reviewer had to learn that greatness can come from anywhere. We agree.

Resolution #3 – Stay social and stay local. Probably the biggest lesson we learned in 2013 was this – “local” has some big players but and even larger market opportunity. Traditional review systems have been around for a while now. These old models ask users to accept accept reviews from elite squads to tell what’s good and not good. We think it’s time for this side of the market to get a “new way” that’s social from the ground up. We’re on to something and plan to stay at it.

Happy New Year from ShopMoxie - Our Resoltuions

Badges and scores don’t work like they used to. So, we’re ditching it in favor of a fully social network for sharing great hings with friends.

Resolution #4 – Keep it simple. We used to think that mathematical scores and arbitrary status drove action. After watching the grandfather of local discovery, known as Foursquare, evolve, we realize that these models are too complicated. We’re eliminating the concept of a “moxie score” to focus on the social aspects of our system. Letting friends be friends, share and support what they love best is all the recognition anyone needs.

By the way, in September 2013, we let Tom, our co-founder, code. This helped us move so much faster. In the past, Tom was the product guy and implementation was left to the engineers. Now, our experienced engineers can focus on big algorithmic changes, and feature updates. Tom can focus on look and feel and UX. This let’s us keep it simple. It’s working. We’ll keep doing this in 2014.

Thank you for supporting us! We hope you like our resolutions. We hope, even more, you’ll enjoy this great new year with us. We look forward to seeing you!

Cheers 2014!


About Hongche Liu

Co-founder of shopmoxie, coder

Thank You Moxie Burger – You Embody What It Takes to be a Local Business

Local Business Feature – Moxie Burger

ShopMoxie for Local Business – what it takes to be a local business.

What it takes to be a local business | Definition of Moxie that hangs inside Moxie Burger

Moxie Burger in Atlanta Georgia Knows What it Takes to Be a Local Business – Some Moxie!

Thank you Moxie Burger. Thank you.

Thanks for being out there. Thanks for delivering up some great burgers. Thanks for having the fortitude, vision and passion to hone your craft and thrive. Thanks for having ads like this. You know what? You’re right:

What it takes to be a local business | Moxie Burger Father's day ad

This place is more than incredible burgers, it’s the spirit of all local business personified.

We were doing testing and found you via Google search. We explored you further on Serious Eats. We saw the raves and liked you on Facebook. Couldn’t find your twitter handle but that’s okay…when we went searching for you there, we found lots of people saying they were there and that Moxie burger was their favorite (readers, you can just enter #MoxieBurger and see for yourself – good stuff).

What it takes to be a local business | Moxie Burger Sides are Great Too

Moxie Burger sides are great too!

Our respect for the “better than a traffic jam” conclusion that recommended Moxie Burger on Tumblr. Moxie sauce? Cool. Yelp is highlighting reviews that reference your sides, not the burgers. No worries. We’re certain sides like “pimento cheese balls,” “fried green tomatoes,” and “King of Pops popcicle” are great too. Our favorite…well, the Moxie Burger of course. Seriously, great name. Looks like a must eat and a great burger. Bloggers love you too.

But we digress. What we really wanted to thank you for is embodying the spirit all local business demonstrate daily. You definition of Moxie (photo above) caught our eye and spoke to us. Duh, right? With a name like ShopMoxie, how couldn’t it (haha)? But seriously, it inspired us to write this post, and to look for other businesses with moxie to highlight. The point? Take one post and pull together great content about a local business we admire and help that local businesses get discovered. You deserve it.

So readers, if you have a favorite burger and/or sides and/or deserts you’d recommended at Moxie Burger, comment below. And, if you’re moved to support Moxie Burger further, add your favorite items, dish, or beverage at Moxie Burger as a top pick on our site.

Local business support our lives daily. They serve up tasty things for us to eat, and quality experiences for us to enjoy. We call on everyone to return the favor. Support your favorite local business. If you know great places yourself, sign into ShopMoxie to create your own Top Picks and build a guidebook of local recommendations for the world to see.



About Tom

Co-Founder, ShopMoxie. He is a lover of "the unique" at local businesses and is constantly on the hunt for the best things at great places locally. Tom loves pancakes, pizza, sushi, climbing, biking, running, pets and all things outdoors.

Best of San Diego – Best Cheap Eats – This Tasty Life

ShopMoxie Feature Post – Best of San Diego – Best Cheap Eats.

Best of the U.S. by Local Bloggers Series.

San Diego is filled to the brim with fancy places here and there. As a local, you’ll rarely find me eating out Downtown or in the touristy parts of San Diego (I’m looking at you, Old Town). Instead, I like checking out the little hole in the walls for some really awesomely good and awesomely cheap eats.

You can learn more about great local places in San Diego, CA by checking out my ShopMoxie profile. For now, here are my best picks for Best of San Diego – Best Cheap Eats.

El Comal | Handmade Tortillas
3946 Illinois Street, North Park, San Diego, CA 92104

One of my favorite places to haunt is a Mexican restaurant in North Park called El Comal.

Local's Choice | Best of San Diego | Handmade Tortillas at El Comal

Everything at El Comal is made by hand and made fresh – from their house chips and salsas, to their tacos and tortillas and all items in between.

Local's Choice | Best of San Diego | Appetizer Plate at El Comal

The Sampler Platter ($16.50) is the thing to get if you’re unsure of what you want. You get a little bit of everything here, including 2 mini quesadillas, 2 mini gorditas, 2 mini sopes, 2 roll tacos & guacamole. It is marketed as “for two people” but seriously, you could split this amongst a larger group. Jake and I were stuffed after eating this and a few baskets of chips and salsa.

Carnitas Michoacanas | Carnitas
6503 University Avenue, Rolando, San Diego, CA

Let’s keep the Mexican food train passing on for just a tad longer, okay? Another really awesome place for some cheap Mexican food is a place called Carnitas Michoacanas. It’s not really located near any tourist traps of any kind and is tucked away into one of the older neighborhoods of San Diego in a run down looking shopping center.

Local's Choice | Best of San Diego | Carnitas at Carnitas Michoacanas

It is so worth it! They give you this “sampler” tacos first with just the tortillas and meat. After quickly consuming one, you’ll want more, trust me. You order the carnitas by the pound (we usually get a mixture of belly and the rest of the pig) and it includes rice, beans, salsa and a stack of tortillas for $11 a pound.


The delicious and tender meat is simply wrapped up in paper and you make your own little tacos.


YUM. Easily feeds three to four people. So cheap, so good. Cash only.

Mandarin Chinese | Salted Pepper Chicken Wings
945-A Otay Lakes Road, Chula Vista, CA 91913

I know that Chula Vista is probably the part of town you’re thinking should have all the great Mexican food (and it does!) but my favorite thing in Chula Vista is Chinese food!

If you go for lunch (between 11am-3pm), then you’ll be rewarded with dinner sized portions at lunch time prices. It’s quite a steal and you can easily feed yourself for a few days with just a few items.

Local's Choice | Best of San Diego | salted-pepper-chicken-wings at Mandarin Chinese

The “it’s like crack” salted pepper chicken wings are the best in town, in my opinion. Crunchy, flavorful, delicious and not good for you in any way. This isn’t a healthy list, okay, people?

Local's Choice | Best of San Diego | House Special Noodles

The House Noodles are also cheap and really tasty with a mixture of beef, pork and shrimp. You will not leave hungry and you will have leftovers unless you brought your mother, father, sister, brother, significant other and maybe one of your cousins along. PS – Get an order of egg rolls. Trust me.

Charley’s Famous Hamburgers | Apple Turnover Milkshakes
8213 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945

Charley’s is a little that stand has been in Lemon Grove for over 40 years, serving up really simple food. Sandwiches, burgers, fries, and kabob sandwiches.

Local's Choice | Best of San Diego | Bacon Burger at Charley's

Me? I like the bacon cheeseburger, mostly for the bacon. This will only set you back $3.29 so you’re not breaking the bank at all. You can definitely splurge and get some fries and possibly one of their apple turnover milkshakes.

Local's Choice | Best of San Diego | Apple Turnover Milkshakes at Charley's

They put these deep fried pieces of goodness…


into that! You really just can’t go wrong with that, folks.

Tobey’s 19th Hole | Breakfast
2600 Golf Course Dr, Golden Hills, San Diego, CA 92102

Truly the best little gem in town is Tobey’s 19th Hole on the golf course at Balboa Park. Everything is made from scratch and nothing costs over $10. Breakfast is cheap, sandwiches are cheap, and it’s all really, really good.


But best of all, you get this gorgeous view. On a clear day you can see down to the bayside and even across to Point Loma!

Local's Choice | Best of San Diego | Breakfast at Tobeys

My favorite item is the breakfast, especially the Chicken Fried Steak with eggs, potatoes and toast for $9. Clearly I subbed for their deliciously crunchy tater tots instead, but no matter. Most other breakfast items and sandwiches are in the $5-$7 range. The Biscuits and Gravy ($5) is another favorite when I don’t quite want Chicken Fried Steak, made with house made sausage gravy and freshly made biscuits. No matter what you order, try and snag a table on the patio for the view.

You can learn more about great local places in San Diego, CA by taking a peek at this author’s profile. To see more great posts like this Best of San Diego, subscribe today. You’ll receive more great content from this Best of the U.S. by Local bloggers series.

If you know great places yourself, sign into ShopMoxie to create your own Top Picks and link to this or other great posts from around the Internet.

Bloggers Get Local | This Tasty Life

This Tasty Life is, without a doubt, one of those blogs that stands out. Great foodie finds, sumptuous pictures, fun to read, we know you’ll enjoy this wonderful blog for all it has going.

About Mary Desjean

This Tasty Life is written by me, Mary Desjean! My blog is a creative outlet for me and my need/desire to write. With a journalism degree in my back pocket, I wanted a fun way to express myself and got into food blogging one day when my friend, Alyssa and I started photographing all of the food we ate. By day, I am a front end web developer and in my off-time I like to bake, cook, and explore new foods! My boyfriend, Jake, is heavily featured in my posts. His kids sometimes make an appearance as well as my friends and co-workers. I write the way I talk, freely and openly with a bit of humor and snark. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in San Diego!

Best Cocktail Spots Near LAX by Gourmet Pigs

ShopMoxie Feature Post –
Best cocktail spots near LAX by Gourmet Pigs

Best of the U.S. by Local Bloggers Series

Layovers, picking up friends, or just need a drink after your flight? Here are three of the best cocktail spots near LAX where you can enjoy craft cocktails within 6 miles of LAX. All of the picks on this cocktail list are seasonal, but rest assured that even when they change they will be just as good.

Blogger's Choice | Best Cocktail Spots Near LAX | Colonial Park at Cinco

Colonial Park Cocktail at Cinco….looks tasty.

Cinco Restaurant | Colonial Park Cocktail
7241 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Cinco is the closest place to LAX airport with good cocktails. This Mexican restaurant doesn’t serve your typical blended margaritas. Instead, their list of cocktails include shaken cocktails such as Millionaire #5, stirred classics like Old Fashioned, and a twist on one using Mezcal and Mole bitters. Care is taken in the ingredients, using beloved Carpano Antica vermouth and a nice bourbon selection. My favorite is the Colonial Park. This stirred drink combines bourbon with byrrh, pistachio liqueur, and Peychaud’s bitters, served with a proper ice sphere.

Blogger's Choice | Best Cocktail Spots Near LAX | Last Ice Age at Paiche

Pisco based Last Ice Age in a glass…who needs the beach haha!

Paiche | Last Ice Age
13488 Maxella Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Paiche is the newest LA venture from award winning chef Ricardo Zarate. This newest place means their mixologist, Deysi Alvarez, can play with a bigger menu and a larger bar. Naturally there are many pisco-based drinks, but there’s still something for everyone. Try The Last Ice Age with pisco and whisky or The Bernard Devoto AKA The Master of Intoxication for something stronger.

Blogger's Choice | Best Cocktails Near LAX | Sangria at M.B. Post

Sangria is so yummy…we love it too!

M.B. Post | Sangria
1142 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
The opening of M.B. Post marked an exciting change in the Manhattan Beach dining scene. You’d be pleased with the cocktails at both brunch and dinner here. Their delicious sangria is fortified with scotch and sweetened with pear, quince, and hibiscus. Also try Sun Also Rises for a twist on the classic Blood and Sand. Their sister restaurant, Fishing With Dynamite, also has good cocktails (along with great seafood), but since the restaurant is smaller, grabbing a seat at the bar may be easier at MB Post. Either would actually get my vote for Best Cocktail Spots Near LAX. :)

Permanent Vacation cocktail at Sunny Spot, both beautiful and refreshing

Permanet Vacation cocktail at Sunny Spot: both beautiful and refreshing

Sunny Spot | Permanent Vacation
822 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292
At the border of Venice and Marina del Rey, Sunny Spot is not just a great Caribbean restaurant from Roy Choi of the famous Kogi Taco Truck, but the cocktails from mixologist Brian Butler are also worth stopping for. Expect a lot of rum cocktails, being a Caribbean restaurant and all, but don’t miss the other stuff. Among my favorite drinks are the refreshing Permanent Vacation, made with Peychaud’s bitters, tequila, hibiscus, lemon, carpano, and ginger beer.

You can learn more about great local places in Los Angeles, CA by taking a peek at this author’s profile. If you know great places yourself, sign into ShopMoxie. Create your own Top Picks and link to great posts from around the Internet. To see more great posts like this Best Cocktail Spots Near LAX, subscribe today. You’ll receive more great content from this Best of the U.S. by Local bloggers series.

Bloggers Get Local | Gourmet Pigs

We’re having fun getting to know Gourmet Pigs. The blog uncovers some fun, unique and tasty finds in the big city to the south. We’re impressed with the range of places and dishes this blog covers and it never ceases to surprise us!

The Most Important Taco of the Day a.k.a. Best of Texas Foothills by Slow Down and Savor

ShopMoxie Feature Post – Best of Texas Foothills

Best of the U.S. by Local Bloggers Series

Good morning!

Best of Texas Foothills | QC Meat Market Breakfast Tacos Side by Side

Ok, no joke, this is the best breakfast taco photo we’ve seen…is it lunchtime yet?

I love breakfast tacos. Fresh tortillas, fluffy huevos con bacon or chorizo or ham and a significant amount of spicy salsa. I love these tacos so much that this past spring, I went on an epic adventure to sample as many of these breakfast staples as I could in the college town of San Marcos, TX, a town that I call home.

This quest led me on a 32-day, 21-stop, 40-taco challenge to find the best of the best. I tasted some exquisite versions of the egg, meat and tortilla combo, but there were clearly some that trumped the others. But why? Why would I set out to eat 40 tacos in a month’s time?

Best of Texas Foothills | Breakfast Taco Competition

Breakfast tacos are serious business in Texas!

After my post where I made the bold claim that the little gas station in Wimberley, TX was serving up the best damn breakfast tacos on planet Earth, I received a tweet that told me that my tacos had steep competition at other taco shacks and restaurants in the surrounding area. You know what? He was right. I needed to expand my horizons in the world of breakfast tacos. What I did was compile an extensive list, both from suggestions from readers and from my own favorites in town. I couldn’t wait to get started on this taco journey. So, here, without further ado are the Best of Texas Foothills, the most imporant taco of the day:

Best of Texas Foothills | Wimberley's Weekly Taco Menu Makes it Easy to Order Great Tacos

Wimberley’s Weekly Taco Menu Makes it Easy to Order Great Tacos!

Wimberley’s Diamond Shamrock | Tacos and the Salsa

Wimberley’s Diamond Shamrock gas station is a hidden gem. The women in the tiny kitchen tucked in the back of the cramped convenience store crank out hundreds of amazing breakfast tacos on a daily basis.  From 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., you can find this small town station PACKED with folks from every walk of life, waiting for their fresh, steaming hot and absolutely and consistently delicious tacos named after days of the week.

Best of Texas Foothills | Wimberley's Breakfast Taco all rolled up and ready to eat

Just like our founder remembers it…comfort food, tex-mex style. Yum!

After standing in line for nearly twenty minutes, you will be able to walk out the door with tacos like a Tuesday (warm flour tortilla stuffed with chorizo, egg and cheese) and a Friday (warm flour tortilla packed with bacon, potato and cheese). And yes, I said about 20 minutes, but let me tell you, it’s way worth it. If you’re not into the wait, you can always call ahead and skip the line. The tacos are all so full of flavor. The chorizo they use is smoky, and spicy. The eggs are consistently fluffy and perfectly cooked. The cheese is melty and simply perfect. Oh, and their mean green sauce? SO GOOD.

Best of Texas Foothills | Bobcat Quickie Breakfast Taco with a little guacamole

Bobcat Quickie Breakfast Taco with a little guacamole..we’ll have two!

Bobcat Quickie | Homemade Made Corn Tortillas

Bobcat Quickie is also inside of a gas station. This time, an Exxon. Named for the Texas State University Bobcats, this little gem pushes out tacos in a similar manner to those at the Shamrock, quick and delicious. But there are a few differences: they make homemade corn tortillas throughout the entire day over at Bobcat Quickie, and each taco is made to order. They’ve got varieties that range from the staples like bacon, egg and cheese and chorizo egg and cheese, but they’ve also got nopalitos and bean tacos if you’re into the traditional tart and crisp Mexican cactus.

Best of Texas Foothills | Eating a Bobcat Quickie Breakfast Taco is Paradise

What a breakfast taco is supposed to look like…taco paradise in motion.

Simply put, there is some seriously amazing food being pumped out of this Exxon. The fresh made corn tortillas taste out of bounds good. They’re warm and soft, and have such a light and perfect flavor. Some how, they’re durable enough to hold ALL of those ingredients they fill them with, without breaking, and that’s quite a feat. However, the tacos are light enough to not settle like a gut bomb.

Best of Texas Foothills | Lolita's Cafe Storefront

Our founder has actually been here and says “yep, amazing breakfast tacos”.

Lolita’s | The People’s Choice of Tacos

Now, if gas station tacos aren’t your thing (shame on you), then maybe the little shack with the big reputation is. I mean, if there’s a breakfast taco that’s touted as being the “best” in all the land, or at least in the San Marcos area, it’s from Lolita’s. Everyone’s been there, and if they haven’t, they’ve at least heard of it, or driven past it. 

Best of Texas Foothills | Lolita's Cafe Menu

Yummy, yummy, yummy…

There’s nothing fancy about this joint. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. This shack on the side of the road boasts one walk up window and two drive through windows, and long lines that sometimes extend out onto the street, creating quite an interesting traffic situation. I will admit I’ve been in said traffic jams shaking my fist, saying things a child and some adults should never hear.

Best of Texas Foothills | Lolita's Cafe Breakfast Taco

Salsa, yes, please…

Anyway, Lolita’s is family owned and operated, which automatically makes it awesome. This place does more business before noon than most restaurants do in a week. I’m really not even exaggerating. Between the steady stream of consumers both at the shack itself and at other sales points, like the Mochas & Javas Coffee Shops and the Texas State University Quad, they are constantly busy slinging breakfast and lunch tacos, from when they open at 5 a.m. and until they call it quits at 3 p.m. The tacos from Lolita’s are big, filling and full of flavor, and there’s no wonder there’s constantly traffic around this tiny joint. Lolita’s is a must when you’re in town.

Best of Texas Foothills | The sign outside QC Meat Market

So you don’t miss one of the best, here’s the sign outside QC Meat Market!

QC Meat Market | Chorizo and Egg Taco

But there has to be a winner. That’s how contests go. The best breakfast tacos I tasted during my month-long taco tour were from a Mexican market, called QC Meat Market. I mean, come on. Tacos at a Mexican meat market? It can’t possibly get better than that… at least on paper it can’t. And with Yelp! reviews like, “They sell cheap ass tacos, also known to you people as ‘street tacos’. This place is legit,” I knew I was in for Mex-Mex and not Tex-Mex.

You should know though, you may have a bit of a hard time ordering if you, like me, are a bit rusty with your Spanish, but go for it anyway. On my first trip, I tried my hardest to use my Spanish, and the man behind the counter tried his hardest to help me out. I ended up with a chorizo and egg on a homemade flour tortilla, and… wait for it… wait for it….I did something crazy. I ordered a lengua taco on a homemade corn tortilla Yep. That’s right. I figured, this place is truly authentic, I might as well be daring and get something truly authentic, like tongue. 

Best of Texas Foothills | Biting into a QC Meat Market Breakfast Tact is Sublime

Chorizo and egg…awh, like mom used to make!

The tacos are beautiful; so fresh and delicious. The chorizo is crumbly and smells out of control. So amazing. The lengua is chopped up and pretty much looks like they cook it with some spicy seasonings. The scents will dance around the insides of your nose, and will surely ignite your mouth into something like Niagara Falls.  

The chorizo and egg taco on flour… holy cow. This taco is something serious. When I tried it, I couldn’t find words for how good it was, and all I could do was groan in happiness. The chorizo was juicy, but not at all greasy. It had a deep red hue, and was as beautiful as chorizo can get. The flavors were mouth watering, aromatic, and spicy. It was finger licking good, literally

I was a bit apprehensive to try the lengua, it being tongue and all… But, after taking a quick, close up sniff of the meat, which I’m sure drew some looks, I decided it was safe to taste. I have to say, I am SO glad that I shook things up and ordered something I ordinarily would never even think or dream about ordering. I am completely excited about how awesome this taco was. First of all, the corn tortilla was really wonderful. It was light and warm, and had that amazing, bright corn flavor that only comes from homemade. The lengua was seasoned nicely, and not at all chewy.  For some reason, I had it in my head that it would be super chewy. It was actually quite tender and really flavorful. I can’t describe the flavor, but it was definitely meaty and the spices it was cooked with stood out. It really was a most amazing surprise. 

The next time you find yourself in the Texas Hill Country, take a taco tour of your own!

Ok, let’s bring it home…

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Bloggers Get Local | Slow Down and Savor

When we saw this Texas based bloggers site, we knew we found something special. She writes like a friend would talk to you and her picks are top notch too. To learn more, visit Slow Down and Savor or Breakfast Taco Showdown.

About Katie Ogletree

Slow Down and Savor isn’t just a clever name for her blog. Katie tries to live this motto out every day in her busy life. She’s a newlywed, a step-mom to a 5-year-old, and a graduate of Texas State University. When she’s not cooking, eating or blogging, she’s lighting candles and petting her cat. She loves living in the Texas Hill Country, and exploring everything that this little slice of heaven has to offer. From BBQ and tacos to gourmet creations, she knows where to go and what to get. But get this one in the kitchen and she’ll be sure to whip up something both delicious and nutritious, because getting dinner on the table every night is a both a goal and a pleasure for her and her family. So join Katie in slowing down and savoring every moment.

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In San Francisco, we have a race called Bay to Breakers. People dress up in costumes. The variety is amazing. Every year, someone runs the race as a pink gorilla. We don’t know who does it. But, whoever it is, stands out.

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About Tom

Co-Founder, ShopMoxie. He is a lover of "the unique" at local businesses and is constantly on the hunt for the best things at great places locally. Tom loves pancakes, pizza, sushi, climbing, biking, running, pets and all things outdoors.

ShopMoxie lets you ask friends what to buy from local shops, stores and restaurants

“Get Recommendation” lets you ask friends what to buy locally

Starting with the places your friends like is easy and fun.

ShopMoxie Lets You Ask Friends What to Buy Locally

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Facebook has been collecting likes for local business for a few years now (haha) but doesn’t give users an easy way to access those likes between friends (bummer). We decided it was time to bring the awesome power of likes to you. And, we doing it in style.

In an earlier post, we showed you how we display the local businesses friends like on a member’s profile. Seeing your friends’ likes was fun because it provided locally-relevant, reference points to top spots in each town. But, we wanted our members to be able to interact with friends based on this information too. Seeing what your friends like isn’t as interesting as asking them why. So, we created “Get Recommendation”, a new way to ask friends what item, dish or service they recommend at the local businesses they like.

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ShopMoxie | Ask you friends for local recommendaitons

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Here is an example:

Get Recommendation request on ShopMoxie is easy

Using “Get Recommendation” is easy and fun. You can include a personal message to let your friends know what you’re interested in.

In this example, I’m asking my friend for a recommendation about a place I’ve never been to. I can see she likes it. Honestly, I do remember hearing something about Salon Macias. But, that something isn’t enough for me to actually go to the businesses or purchase the gift I am considering. I need more info. My friend likes the business and so, no doubt, has an insight. I’m using ShopMoxie to ask her for the scoop. Friends can answer directly via Facebook or go onto the site and make a top pick. Either way, I look forward to her answer!

If you want a local recommendation, start with the local businesses your friends like. If you want more information on what we do for local shoppers, check out our Shoppers Info page. Asking friends what to buy at the great local shops, stores and restaurants is fun. You might find something you never knew was out there.

Until next time, we’ll keep working to make your journey to discover great local businesses better and easier.


About Tom

Co-Founder, ShopMoxie. He is a lover of "the unique" at local businesses and is constantly on the hunt for the best things at great places locally. Tom loves pancakes, pizza, sushi, climbing, biking, running, pets and all things outdoors.